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Somewhere in South Dakota. 2014.

Last week, I logged 2,362 work miles on the road. The drive from NYC to SF is 2908 miles. I was only in 2 states. #latergram

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You know you’re on an Irish beach when a farm animal is staring. Ballyconneely, Ireland. 2014.

FYI, I’m back in Iowa and nose to the grindstone.

Nebraska City, Nebraska for Smithsonian "Best Small Towns 2014" // April 2014 issue. More images here.

Last October, I was invited by Photo Editor Jeff Campagna to go make some pictures of this great little town, which is located about an hour south of Omaha. It is truly chock-a-block with some great history — Lewis + Clark sailed through here, the Underground Railroad made a stop here and Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska City. It boasts something like 11 museums, which is almost one museum for every 800 residents that live in the town. 

My favorite was the Kregel Windmill Museum (pictured in the magazine and above). Nothing in the museum has been touched since the 88-year-old factory closed in 1991. They even preserved the dust and, as lore has it, a letter, half-written and still in the typewriter that the owner’s wife was in the middle of writing — when she died!

Thanks Jeff and @smithsonianmag for the fun trip.

I’d like to raise the proverbial pint to Ireland today. Here’s a small visual toast to the land that brought to this earth the love of my life, my sweet Catherine. I love you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

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This is what it feels like around these parts today.

Austria, 2006.

So much fun with The Gang in New Orleans last weekend. Thanks Natalie and Jordan for hosting.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum. Mansfield, Mo. 2008

Enjoy the weekend.

Dr Steevens’ Hospital. Dublin, Ireland. 2011.

Get out of the office and go enjoy the weekend. Now!

Vancouver, 2012.

Wherever you might be going, have a happy Labor Day weekend.

Sunrise over the Niobrara Valley #2. Nebraska, 2013.

On hot days like this, I pine for a place like this. (Making this an 2 x 8.5 foot print for my lovely wife’s bedroom. Sssssh.) Have a good weekend.

The Slea Head Road. County Kerry, Ireland. 2008.

Window washing. Chicago. 2013

St. Louis food + drink for the June issue of United Airlines’ Hemispheres Magazine. Have you ever had a Snoot?