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You know you’re on an Irish beach when a farm animal is staring. Ballyconneely, Ireland. 2014.

FYI, I’m back in Iowa and nose to the grindstone.

I guess it’s that time of year again…for people that live near large bodies of water and not in iowa. Happy Friday!

Jersey Shore, 2012

Good-bye summer, see ya on the flipside. Cape May, NJ. 2012.

It’s Summer!!! Enjoy the Solstice (and the weekend).

Philadelphia, 2012.

It took almost 30 days and 606 logged miles in order to complete this month’s Philly Mag feature. Oh, and it’s (probably) my last assignment for them - ever. Thanks for some good years, Philly Mag.

See my edit and more, larger images at my portfolio site.

Summer Camp. Pennsylvania, 2011.

Watching the sunrise with the birds. Cape May, 2012. (iPhone snap)

From the Archive: Oyster beds. Brewster, Ma. 2012.

From the Archive: Outtake from Franklin Fountain for Imbibe Magazine. 2011.

NO SE TIREN DE CABEZA. North Philadelphia. 2012. Enjoy the weekend!

Bay & sky tableau. Brewster, Mass. 2012.

Los Angeles…somewhere. 2011.

Alberca. Michoacán, Mexico. 2003.

Lifeguard. New Jersey Shore. 2010.

Arrow Swim Club for Philadelphia Magazine. 2011.