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Dennis Wilkening’s Shed. Story County, Iowa. June 3, 2014.

from the Polling Place Project

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at UCLA, Los Angeles. Chua Phat To Gotama Temple, Long Beach. Curbside Voting, Hermosa Beach. LA County Lifeguard Station, Santa Monica. Bob's Big Boy, Downey. Church of Scientology, Los Angeles. Residence, Long Beach.

The lab just returned my film from election-day trip to document unique polling places in the Los Angeles area. I’ve been busy making some draft scans of the images for editing. Keep an eye out in the near future for the images to appear on the project’s website.

LA was a goldmine, worth another trip I think. Here’s a sneak peek for everyone!

It was a great couple of weeks of publicity for my little Polling Project. Not only was it recently featured in Fortune and Spirit magazines (see above), but also highlighted on CNN and at the NPR Picture Show blog.

I should be getting the film back soon from the latest edition of the project in LA, so stay tuned!

Iconic polling places. #vote #election2012

Close to 4000 voting booths sit in a warehouse in Philadelphia and await delivery to voting locations around the city on election day tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

Philadelphia, Sept. 2012.

And, FYI, I’ll be in in Los Angeles through Wed. morning documenting that city’s polling place culture. Stay tuned for more images soon.

Internet Cafe. Ward 14, Precinct 25. Chicago, 2012.

Lawn Lanes. Ward 14, Precinct 46. Chicago, 2012.

(I just returned from expanding my Polling Place project into Chicago…and eventually the wider nation. I’ll be rolling out draft scans of the images on Tumblr all week and eventually updating the project’s site. So stay tuned.)