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Outtakes from MIT Technology shoot about Igor Spetic’s bionic hand. 2014.

Enjoy your Friday folks. I’m going to get a shave n a haircut. Peace.

James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym. Philadelphia, 2011.

Have a fun weekend every. I mean Spring’s here, right? Seriously, is it?

New Jersey shore, 2010.

I’d like to raise the proverbial pint to Ireland today. Here’s a small visual toast to the land that brought to this earth the love of my life, my sweet Catherine. I love you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

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Here’s a quick look at my newly re-edited portfolio book.

Make sure the sound is up.

And thanks again to Wonderful Machine's Hong Le for the editing help and suggestions.

The Don — helping Dad with a light test.

37 weeks (& change). The countdown has begun.

Oh, hey girl. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Rakia Reynolds for Philadelphia Magazine. 2011.

I spent three days last October working with the talented people of Generation telling some of the stories of the students, staff and faculty at Knox College. Knox was the site of one of the famous seven Lincoln-Douglas Debates about slavery in the US.

We had some gnarly weather during the shoot, but it all turned out well, with students, literally, dancing in the rain. The Knox community is a very special bunch. Thanks for the opportunity you guys.

Looking for a storytelling photographer with a lightweight production footprint, minimal manipulation and the rigorous ethos and work ethic of a photojournalist? Look no further.

Iowa field trip yesterday — just ‘cause.

Near a foggy Winterset, Iowa. 2013

The Hamptons, 2006.

The Salt Lick. Austin, TX. 2006.

Atlantic City, 2007.

Squash court. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 2012

Good-bye summer, see ya on the flipside. Cape May, NJ. 2012.