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What began in November of 2013, with a re-edit of my portfolio and my portfolio website by wonderfulmachine photo editor Hong Le, has finally culminated with the delivery of my new portfolio cases.

I commissioned the very talented, Oregon-based Justin Crofoot, of Silva LTD, to modify his existing laptop and iPad case design to fit my portfolio books. They are elegant, hand-made products made from renewable bamboo and hand-tooled leather. Great work Justin!

Email me or Wonderful Machine if you’d like to see them in person!

Here’s a quick look at my newly re-edited portfolio book.

Make sure the sound is up.

And thanks again to Wonderful Machine's Hong Le for the editing help and suggestions.

As of January 1, 2013, Ryan Donnell Photo will be moving to Des Moines, Iowa. Same cell, email, website and great photography. (wink wink.)

And for those of you who think Iowa is simply flyover country (or confuse it with Idaho), I think those Iowans have something to tell you (some F-Bombs in there, might be NSFW…if your work is lame!):