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Jersey kids in love. South Philly, 2011.

It’s Summer!!! Enjoy the Solstice (and the weekend).

Philadelphia, 2012.

It took almost 30 days and 606 logged miles in order to complete this month’s Philly Mag feature. Oh, and it’s (probably) my last assignment for them - ever. Thanks for some good years, Philly Mag.

See my edit and more, larger images at my portfolio site.

I don’t often shoot weddings, but I made an exception last weekend for an old friend and her new husband. Zoey Sless-Kitain is the former Photo Director at Philadelphia Magazine and we’d worked together for almost 8 years—before I left Philadelphia and she moved on to a different job.

From that first lunch meeting 8 years ago to her wedding last weekend, she’s had her hand in assigning, collaborating and now posing in literally 10s of thousands of my photographs. When I look back at where I’ve come from as a photographer, I can count the number of people on less than one hand who I can say have furthered my career—and Zoey is one of them. Thanks Zoey.

I can also say that’s she’s found no better life partner-in-crime than Patrick.

I wish you guys the absolute best in the future and thank you for including me in what will surely go down as on of the great days in your lives.

(Just don’t ever make me get in those Horah chairs when your friends are dancing—scary!)

Fuji X-Pro1 camera test. Philadelphia, 2012.

Delaware River. 2012. (iphone)

Not much excitement in my part of Philly vis a vis #sandy. Hoping all my family, friends and clients in NYC are keeping dry and a stiff upper lip.

View from the top of Philadelphia City Hall. New York Times. 2006

Business traveler & yoga teacher Mike Graglia for Oct. 2011 Yoga Journal at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

Voting at the Urban Defense Center, Philadelphia. 2010. From Behind the Curtain: A Look at Philadelphia’s Unique Polling Places, which is currently nominated for the Blurb 2011 People’s Choice Award. Go vote for it!

IPhone photo. Philadelphia, March 2011.

Outtake from portrait portfolio for Philadelphia Magazine. Jan. 2011

Outtake from Best Pizza cover story in July issue of Philadelphia Magazine. Trevi BYOB, Glenside, Pa.