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Nerdtainment. Kansas City, 2014.


This is what it feels like around these parts today.

Austria, 2006.

Philadelphia, 2006.

Editing a new portfolio this week and running across lots of images that are stirring emotions. Sometimes I miss this guy so much that it hurts.

Hank, 2010.

The American Museum of Natural History. NYC, 2013.

Gonna see this guy (@colindonnell) in less than 24hrs. East Coast — here we come. Colin Donnell, ca. 2004?

(Any art buyers and/or photo editors that see this, I’ll be in NYC through Wed., and would be happy to bring you a cup of coffee if you look at some of my pictures.)

Scouting — location that was not to be. Next time.

Des Moines. 2013.

WARNING: Gratuitous kid picture.

Des Moines, Iowa. 2013.

Awwww, look what I found. He was loco man. Enjoy the holiday weekend! Hank. Philadelphia, 2006.

Skates. Philadelphia, 2009. (That’s not Instagram folks.)

Blank Park Zoo, 2013. And FYI, I’m now on Instagram - @rdonphoto.

Tappan Zee Bridge, 2013. From the on-going Broken series.

Year Built: 1955; Average Daily Traffic: 139,210 (as of 2005); Length: 3.03 miles

“This is as vulnerable a bridge as you can get…It could fall at a moment’s notice.”

Reference scan of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Tarrytown, NY. 2013. Photographed as part of my Broken series.

Mark + Cillian + flags + lines.

Grinnell, Iowa. 2013.