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AP30 Winners Slideshow.

So happy to be included in this year’s book. Thanks AI-AP!

Outtakes from shoot with Igor Spetic in Cleveland for MIT Technology Review magazine. Igor is helping to test a prosthetic hand that actually gives him feeling. Check out the story by David Talbot — mind blowing.

Thanks to creative director Eric Mongeon for the patience with my snow-filled air travel travails.

Here’s a quick look at my newly re-edited portfolio book.

Make sure the sound is up.

And thanks again to Wonderful Machine's Hong Le for the editing help and suggestions.

I spent three days last October working with the talented people of Generation telling some of the stories of the students, staff and faculty at Knox College. Knox was the site of one of the famous seven Lincoln-Douglas Debates about slavery in the US.

We had some gnarly weather during the shoot, but it all turned out well, with students, literally, dancing in the rain. The Knox community is a very special bunch. Thanks for the opportunity you guys.

Looking for a storytelling photographer with a lightweight production footprint, minimal manipulation and the rigorous ethos and work ethic of a photojournalist? Look no further.

My wife and I are celebrating one year since we relocated to Iowa from Philadelphia this Decemeber. And against my expectations (but not yours Armin), my work was surprisingly brisk in 2013. So, in order to say thanks to all my 2013 clients, I sent them all an Iowa holiday treat — a Dutch Letter (or Banket).

These letters are made in Pella, Iowa, by Jaarsma Bakery and traditionally come in only an “S” shape. But, that’s no fun, right? So, I had them make each client a custom letter with their first initial.

So, thanks again to all my clients from this past year. I really do appreciate everyone of you and I look forward to reconnecting in 2014.

Fighting Fire With Fire | Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

Thanks for the shout out Maria + Wonderful Machine. And another shout out to all the firefighters who drank my beer and shared theirs when mine was gone.

New York Diary: Ogilvy & Mather, R/GA, Men’s Health | Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

Check out this recap of WM’s trip to NYC, which includes a quick video look at my book. My little book did well, I guess. (Smiley face.)

As for the work on the table, favorites included Ryan Donnell …

Thanks Wonderful Machine.



What inspired this series?

“Well, it’s an idea that’s been bubbling below the surface for a while, and that I’ve only recently started finding the time to start. I think some of the big infrastructure stories—Katrina, I-35 bridge collapse, more recently Sandy—sort of jolted me into looking more deeply into the infrastructure problems facing this country. When I started digging a bit, I began finding all these little issues that added up to a huge problem. And like a lot of things in this country, when tragedy strikes, we mourn, rebuild and we go back to not worrying about the underlying problems.” - Ryan Donnell

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Here’s a little interview about my nascent project on American infrastructure courtesy of the fine folks @wonderflmachine. Thanks Maria!

To those that accepted a meeting with me, go the spoils, which in this case is a pack of hand-printed postcards from my latest foray to Los Angeles for the Polling Project.

I’ll be in NYC working on my Infrastructure project next Monday & Tuesday. If any editors would like to meet during that time, I’ll have my portfolio on hand. Send me an email if you’d like to do so: ryan AT ryandonnell DOT com

Enjoy the long weekend!

You can now find my work on @wonderflmachine - note that I’m all alone in Des Moines! #tothetuneofallbymyself

my latest email promo.

Check out the light redesign and content update at my portfolio site: Who says Friday PR releases are just for bad news? Enjoy the weekend!

Check out this CNN piece about my Polling Place Project vis a vis Fortune’s article in the Oct. 29th issue. Thanks @theryanbradley and @miadiehl

Our latest newsprint mailer, which folds out to a whopping 17”x22”, shipped the other day. It features recent marketing campaigns for Delaware Valley College (Agency: Karma) and Bates College (Agency: Generation). If you’re an art buyer and would like to receive a copy, please touch base with us here.