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Iowa field trip yesterday — just ‘cause.

Near a foggy Winterset, Iowa. 2013

This is what it feels like around these parts today.

Austria, 2006.

Good-bye summer, see ya on the flipside. Cape May, NJ. 2012.

Fuji X-Pro1 camera test. Philadelphia, 2012.

Payphone. Somewhere in Lancaster, Pa. 2012.

24 Hours at the Melrose Diner. South Philadelphia, 2011. Outtake from Philadelphia Magazine story.

NO SE TIREN DE CABEZA. North Philadelphia. 2012. Enjoy the weekend!

Moonrise over Bird-In-Hand, Pa. 2011. Outtake from Runner’s World assignment “Running With The Amish.”

Beagle Channel. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 2007

Patagonian region of Argentina. 2007.

10pm Sunset. Ushuaia, Argentina. 2007.

Near Ushuaia, Argentina in Patagonia. 2007.

iPhone photo of N. Broad Street as seen from Philadelphia City Council chambers. 2012.

Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood for Philadelphia Magazine. 2011. Happy Friday.

Near the entrance to Olana. Near Hudson, NY. 2012.