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The Donnell Daily


Blank Park Zoo, 2013. And FYI, I’m now on Instagram - @rdonphoto.

State + Lake ‘L’ station. Chicago, 2013.


Delaware River. 2012. (iphone)

Not much excitement in my part of Philly vis a vis #sandy. Hoping all my family, friends and clients in NYC are keeping dry and a stiff upper lip.

Good morning Vancouver. (iPhone snap)

Watching a storm roll in. Brewster, Ma. 2012. (Back from a little R&R and hoping to get the tumblr rolling again.)

iPhone photo of N. Broad Street as seen from Philadelphia City Council chambers. 2012.

Smoke break. South Philly. 2011 (mobile snap)

Lazy Saturday. Hermione + pillow. 2011.

iPhone photo for my Neighborhood Assoc-produced neighborhood guide. 2011.

IPhone photo. Philadelphia, March 2011.