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Anne Pham for the June 2014 of Fitness Magazine. Thanks to photo editor Karina Dearwood for the assignment opportunity.

WARNING: Gratuitous kid picture.

Des Moines, Iowa. 2013.

Blank Park Zoo, 2013. And FYI, I’m now on Instagram - @rdonphoto.

Exploring DSM: Botanical Center, 2013.

You can now find my work on @wonderflmachine - note that I’m all alone in Des Moines! #tothetuneofallbymyself

my latest email promo.

As of January 1, 2013, Ryan Donnell Photo will be moving to Des Moines, Iowa. Same cell, email, website and great photography. (wink wink.)

And for those of you who think Iowa is simply flyover country (or confuse it with Idaho), I think those Iowans have something to tell you (some F-Bombs in there, might be NSFW…if your work is lame!):