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Spotted on the web…from a library shoot for the Isle of Capri Casinos in 2013. Shout out to: The Star Group, Jan Talamo + Eric Chung.

Kevin Crockett, CEO of Noel-Levitz, for @Forbes Magazine. Thanks to Michele Hadlow for the assignment tap. 

Winnebago Industries’ production plant. Forest City, Iowa, for Fortune Magazine.

Complete Nutrition founder Cory Wiedel for the June 2014 issue of Entrepeneur Magazine. Thanks to Richard Olson for the assignment tap.

Anne Pham for the June 2014 of Fitness Magazine. Thanks to photo editor Karina Dearwood for the assignment opportunity.

Thanks to Barbara Goldman and Photo District News for the write-up on my recent shoot for mittechreview. And check out the images in the amazing print design by Creative Director Eric Mongeon.

Chris Ihle pushed a stalled car off of train tracks as a freight train was bearing down — and looked great while doing it. Photographed for Men’s Health. Thanks to Joe Rodriguez for the assignment tap.

Ames, Iowa. 2013.

Quick shoot for Forbes in northern Iowa the other week. Thanks to DSM North America president Hugh Welsh for being such a good sport and climbing into and onto things, despite 100-degree weather and blinding mid-day sun. And, thanks (again) to my pal Michele Hadlow at Forbes for the assignment tap.

Thanks to Dwolla founder Ben Milne for being game to smash things during our shoot earlier this month for MIT Technology Review’s INNOVATORS issue. That willingness (and creative director Eric Mongeon’s good taste and design) landed the photo on the cover. Check the article out here.

Also, big ups to Dwolla’s Jordan Lampe for his mad LEGO skillz and to the intern’s name that I don’t recall for the fab dry-erase marker skillz.

Fun with composition: GolfBusiness Magazine. July 2013.

St. Louis food + drink for the June issue of United Airlines’ Hemispheres Magazine. Have you ever had a Snoot?

Back in April I received an assignment from the good people at Fortune to make a portrait of Trunk Club CEO Brian Spaly in Chicago. As all CEOs seem to be, Brian was quite busy, but was gracious enough to give me the time we needed to make some nice portraits.

Thanks to Fortune DOP Mia Diehl and Michele Taylor for the assignment tap. 

It took almost 30 days and 606 logged miles in order to complete this month’s Philly Mag feature. Oh, and it’s (probably) my last assignment for them - ever. Thanks for some good years, Philly Mag.

See my edit and more, larger images at my portfolio site.

Philadelphia sculptor and Wharton grad Eric Berg for Wharton Magazine. 2012.

Mark Morales for Bicycling Magazine. Jan 2013 Issue.

This guy has lost 145-pounds since 2010. So inspiring.