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What began in November of 2013, with a re-edit of my portfolio and my portfolio website by wonderfulmachine photo editor Hong Le, has finally culminated with the delivery of my new portfolio cases.

I commissioned the very talented, Oregon-based Justin Crofoot, of Silva LTD, to modify his existing laptop and iPad case design to fit my portfolio books. They are elegant, hand-made products made from renewable bamboo and hand-tooled leather. Great work Justin!

Email me or Wonderful Machine if you’d like to see them in person!

Nerdtainment. Kansas City, 2014.

Outtakes from a new project about the Silicon Prairie tech community.

The Nerdery Overnight Web Challenge in Kansas City, where in developers are paired with non-profits to create a new website in one 24-hour period. 2014

Outtakes from MIT Technology shoot about Igor Spetic’s bionic hand. 2014.

Enjoy your Friday folks. I’m going to get a shave n a haircut. Peace.

James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym. Philadelphia, 2011.

Jersey kids in love. South Philly, 2011.

Nebraska City, Nebraska for Smithsonian "Best Small Towns 2014" // April 2014 issue. More images here.

Last October, I was invited by Photo Editor Jeff Campagna to go make some pictures of this great little town, which is located about an hour south of Omaha. It is truly chock-a-block with some great history — Lewis + Clark sailed through here, the Underground Railroad made a stop here and Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska City. It boasts something like 11 museums, which is almost one museum for every 800 residents that live in the town. 

My favorite was the Kregel Windmill Museum (pictured in the magazine and above). Nothing in the museum has been touched since the 88-year-old factory closed in 1991. They even preserved the dust and, as lore has it, a letter, half-written and still in the typewriter that the owner’s wife was in the middle of writing — when she died!

Thanks Jeff and @smithsonianmag for the fun trip.

Have a fun weekend every. I mean Spring’s here, right? Seriously, is it?

New Jersey shore, 2010.


I’d like to raise the proverbial pint to Ireland today. Here’s a small visual toast to the land that brought to this earth the love of my life, my sweet Catherine. I love you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

For more, go to my archive.

I received exciting news that AI-AP has selected to publish in the AP30 book the above image from my 2013 story for Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine about a traveling circus in Nebraska.

That makes it two-years in a row that one of my images has been included in the book. I guess I’ll plan on seeing everyone in NYC this fall!

Another big thanks to Art Director Emily Kimbro for the assignment + trust.

Our little family welcomed a new addition this weekend: Orla Mary. If I’m a little slow on the reply over the next week or so, that could be the reason.

Outtakes from shoot with Igor Spetic in Cleveland for MIT Technology Review magazine. Igor is helping to test a prosthetic hand that actually gives him feeling. Check out the story by David Talbot — mind blowing.

Thanks to creative director Eric Mongeon for the patience with my snow-filled air travel travails.

Here’s a quick look at my newly re-edited portfolio book.

Make sure the sound is up.

And thanks again to Wonderful Machine's Hong Le for the editing help and suggestions.

The Don — helping Dad with a light test.