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Oh, hey girl. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Rakia Reynolds for Philadelphia Magazine. 2011.

30-degree weather, 40mph winds, two frozen hands, one broken strobe and 15 mins of shoot-time later we have images of Union Pacific’s Jack Koraleski for Forbes Magazine. Thanks to photo editor Michele Hadlow for the assignment nod.

Made, on-location, in beautiful Council Bluffs, Iowa, January 2014.

I spent three days last October working with the talented people of Generation telling some of the stories of the students, staff and faculty at Knox College. Knox was the site of one of the famous seven Lincoln-Douglas Debates about slavery in the US.

We had some gnarly weather during the shoot, but it all turned out well, with students, literally, dancing in the rain. The Knox community is a very special bunch. Thanks for the opportunity you guys.

Looking for a storytelling photographer with a lightweight production footprint, minimal manipulation and the rigorous ethos and work ethic of a photojournalist? Look no further.

I hope everyone has a very ‘Mooey’ Christmas and happy New Year. See ya in 2014. #desmoines #xmas #iowa

My wife and I are celebrating one year since we relocated to Iowa from Philadelphia this Decemeber. And against my expectations (but not yours Armin), my work was surprisingly brisk in 2013. So, in order to say thanks to all my 2013 clients, I sent them all an Iowa holiday treat — a Dutch Letter (or Banket).

These letters are made in Pella, Iowa, by Jaarsma Bakery and traditionally come in only an “S” shape. But, that’s no fun, right? So, I had them make each client a custom letter with their first initial.

So, thanks again to all my clients from this past year. I really do appreciate everyone of you and I look forward to reconnecting in 2014.

Iowa field trip yesterday — just ‘cause.

Near a foggy Winterset, Iowa. 2013

Chris Ihle pushed a stalled car off of train tracks as a freight train was bearing down — and looked great while doing it. Photographed for Men’s Health. Thanks to Joe Rodriguez for the assignment tap.

Ames, Iowa. 2013.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope it doesn’t go by too “faaaaaaaaaaasssssst.”

Star Cristy, of the James Cristy Cole Circusand her dogs for Spirit Magazine. Gretna, NE. 2013.

Have a good weekend, all.

This is what it feels like around these parts today.

Austria, 2006.

I’m traveling to NYC on Wed. to attend American Photo’s annual Big Talk and award party. (The above images was selected for inclusion in the latest AP book.) If anyone would like to connect, please feel free to send me a message. I’ll be avail for meetings Wed. through Friday.

The Hamptons, 2006.

Storm + trash. Philadelphia, 2006.

(Can’t help myself) My little shark’s first stop on Beggars’ Night. Des Moines, Iowa. 2013.

Philadelphia, 2006.